Have you ever wondered how many ways you can use your phone stand? Well, there are plenty of ways! A phone stand is one of the most common tech accessories out there, and we’re here to show you just how versatile they can be. While phone stands are commonly used by people who want to watch movies in bed or listen to music while they cook in the kitchen, there are plenty of other uses for them as well. Before moving towards the benefits, if you haven’t got yourself a phone stand, grab yours at UGreen’s store now. Here are five ways to use a phone stand with your mobile devices today!

Use your phone stand as a portable charger. There are many portable battery packs out there, but the phone stands double as chargers. A phone stand can hold your device upright while it charges, so you don’t have to keep it flat or on its side, as wall-charger adapters are often required.

If you need some extra juice before your next adventure, invest in a reliable portable charger that can also be used as a phone stand.

Keep Your USB Charging Port Free

Many smartphones are designed with built-in technology that helps reduce power consumption and extend battery life. However, when your phone is connected to something that uses power (e.g., a USB cable), it can’t access that energy. By purchasing an external battery charger, you can store up some points for later, so you don’t have to worry about reducing your phone’s lifespan.

Watch Movies on Your Phone

Many people are starting to watch movies on their phones, either from online streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime or from video files they’ve transferred onto their phones. You don’t need to buy a tablet—use your phone as an entertainment platform. But if you don’t have one of those fancy foldable stands that come with some newer phones, you might find yourself holding your device for hours in an uncomfortable position.

Prop Your Phone Up While Recording Videos

Have you ever recorded videos with your phone? If so, you’ve probably been frustrated with how it angles downward. Put that frustration behind you by attaching your phone to a stand. You can create fun effects by turning it into an over-the-shoulder video, like recording yourself playing video games. The same goes for Skype or FaceTime calls! If nothing else, prop your phone up on its side and make it easier for people to see when calling you.

Watch hands-free YouTube videos and tutorials

Suppose you need step-by-step instructions on something, like how to fix your car or repair an appliance; searching for them online and watching videos or tutorials is an excellent way for beginners to get assistance. It’s easy enough to search YouTube for your topic of choice and watch brief how-to videos that can help guide you through whatever task you need assistance with. If your hands are free, pop it in front of your computer and use it as a phone stand while you watch!


Smartphones are becoming an increasingly prevalent piece of technology in today’s society. They’re not only fun and easy to use, but they make life much more convenient by helping you organize your life. If you haven’t tried using a phone stand for your cell phone, you should consider it today! The advantages are numerous and well worth it!


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