Power washer machines turn garden hose water into high pressure sprays useful in cleaning concrete walls, siding, and decks. The machine models range from industrial-grade gas-powered to light-duty electric-powered machines. Certain machines have a pressure regulating control to adjust fan width on the models. The essential adjustment is the distance between the surface you clean and the tip.

How to use the pressure washer machine

Volume and power controls

The determining factor in each model power is the water amount sprayed and the pressure developed in pounds per minute. You will regulate the pressure washing machine pressure depending on the power developed by the machine. You do this using a knob attached to a water output port and reduce the pressure using clockwise turnings. You will reduce the spray volume if you dial back the pressure. You will turn the powerful spray into a single one for the safe cleaning of fragile surfaces and windows.

The spray tips

The machine comes with several tips to use in your cleaning work. It’s important to use the correct tip to have the needed pressure. Tips control the spray pattern widths. A narrow pattern is destructive, especially if the pressure is high. The tips have different colors. The red one denotes a zero-degree tip that you shouldn’t use always. The white tip provides the widest aperture, and its 45 degrees best fit for siding cleaning. The blue and green tips are for scrubbing concrete or decking. You will screw or snap the tips at the wand end of the machine.

The distance

It’s important to consider the distance between the machine tip and the surface you are cleaning. If you are for general cleaning, you need to maintain a distance of 12 inches. You can decide to move a bit closer to remove the debris out of the cracks or scrub the black coating from the decking boards. You can move closer to the surface you are cleaning using a wide tip. Never move this close when using a single spray with high pressure since you will damage the surface. Despite the tip type you are using, you should move closer than 2 inches to the cleaning surface. The high pressure produced will damage any surface you are cleaning, including wood, break glass or plastic, and even chip concrete.

Use a detergent in the cleaning

Certain power washers have a feature that will allow you to feed a detergent into the machine. When using this feature, you should adjust the pressure to the lowest setting. The machines with this feature have a special nozzle to install when using this detergent function. When you finish spraying the detergent mixture, let the machine run for some time. Change the nozzle or turn up the pressure and the power wash at high pressure. You need to refer to your user manual when you face any complications in using it.


Pressure washers are very powerful machines to aid in cleaning around your home. all you need to do is to abide by the safety measures to be able to do your work well without any dangers.


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